Book of Shadows

Correspondences: Colours

White – The colour of the Moon, white is often used to invoke lunar energy in spellwork.  It is also symbolic of purity and light and is often used in conjunction with other colours to denote these aspects of the work we are undertaking.  Blessing rituals generally use white candles.  Because white promotes ideas of innocence, it can also be used to connote initiation and pure intentions.
Keywords: The Goddess, purity, spiritualism, peace
Black – Contrary to popular belief, black is not a colour of ‘evil’ but the colour of potential, of space and protection.  It is often used in banishment and binding spells as it is the colour denoting the dark part of the Moon as it wanes or the Dark Moon itself.
Black symbolises darkness; again, in Wicca not conceived of as ‘evil’ but as potentially creative and inward-reaching.  It is a popular colour for candles if summoning the dark goddesses such as Hecate, Kali or the Morrigan.
Keywords: Binding, protection, banishing negativity, potential.
Red – A primary colour denoting fire, passion, the will, courage and sexual energy, red is often used in love spells to summon true love.  The colour of Martian energy, red is used in spell work to summon defence against that which threatens or oppresses.  Red is also used to denote solar energy.
Keywords: Sun, intelligence, memory, study
Yellow – A primary colour, denoting matters of the mind, communication, learning, movement and beginnings, yellow is the colour of Goddesses of intellect and study such as Athena and Sarasvarti, and of apprenticeship and studenthood.  Like red, it can be used to invoke solar energy, but belongs chiefly to Mercury, planet of swift movement and communication.
Keywords: Sun, intelligence, memory, study.
Blue – A primary colour representing Water and consequently healing, harmony, love, emotions, psychic abilities, dreams and intuition, blue is linked with Neptune energy, with darkest blue sometimes symbolising Jupiter.
Keywords: Wisdom, protection, creativity, communication, water, healing, harmony, emotions, psychic abilities.
Green – The secondary colour symbolising fertility, growth, material matters and the Earth, green is also linked with Venus energy.  Green is the colour of the heart chakra and symbolic of feelings, wholeness and harmonious conjunctions.
Keywords:  Fertility, money, tree magic, growth.
Purple – In ancient times regarded as the royal colour, purple is the colour of the planet Jupiter, once seen as king of the gods.  Purple denotes spirituality, generosity, justice, serendipity and wonder.  Purple is also the colour of transformation, which links it back to its association with the element of Spirit.  A colour linked with Fortuna, goddess of the wheel of fate and chance, and with Iris, the messenger goddess of the rainbow.
Keywords: Spiritual power, psychic ability & energy, hidden knowledge.
Pink – This colour symbolises affection, affinity, friendship; pink candles are sometimes used in love spells alongside red and white to add these particular qualities to the others required of a prospective lover.
Keywords: Love, peace, romance, emotions.
Silver – Like white, symbolic of lunar energy, silver is worn by many witches in preference to gold because of the emphasis on Moon phases and other lunar symbolism within Wicca.  Silver can also symbolise the need for money in spells for wealth.  The colour for purity, protection, ice, stars, potential and fame.
Keywords: Dreams, the Goddess, intuition, telepathy, feminine power.
Gold – Gold symbolises the attributes of the Sun, including happiness, health, fulfilment, success and, according to alchemy, spiritual attainment.  Gold is often used in spells to bring health to an individual or general success to an enterprise.  To most, it represents solar energy and the God aspects.  We can used this colour better connect with the masculine energies of the universe and with attributes like leadership skills, logical thinking, conscious awareness and problem-solving.
Keywords: Wealth, the God, happiness.
Brown – The element of Earth and is symbolic of endurance and animal health.  Brown is a good colour for grounding, solidifying and strengthening.  It is also used for matters dealing with material increases, eliminating indecisiveness, improving concentration, study, telepathy, increasing financial success, locating lost property and anything to do with animal matters.
Keywords: Earth Elemental, endurance, animal health, steadiness, houses and homes, physical objects, uncertainties.
Rainbow – Strictly speaking, not one colour but multi-coloured, the rainbow has been adopted as a symbol of gay price in the West, and Iris, goddess of the rainbow, is its patron.  In Wicca the rainbow symbolises hope, the close connection between sky and earth, spirituality and physicality, and the principles of connection, coalition and unity.

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