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Writing Your Own Spells

I’ve had numerous queries on how to write your own spells. The thing is, like recipes, there’s no “one way” on how to do this – it depends on how involved or how simple you want your spell to be. Like recipes, timing, method, ingredients are all important and need to be defined, and there can be some experimentation required if your spell doesn’t come out right the first time. Here’s some guidelines to assist you in the spellcrafting process:

    1. You first need to ask yourself the following questions:
      • What is the spell for? Remember that you need to be very specific with your intent for the spell. I’ve heard too many stories about spells gone bad – be careful what you wish for.
      • Is this something you really need to cast a spell for? In other words, is it something that could be resolved in a mundane sense? I’m a strong believer in spells being a last resort, when all other options have been exhausted. For example, if you’re casting a spell to get a new job, it might help to drop some resumes around or fill in applications as well! It’s like a lotto ticket – you can pray to win, but you have to put your numbers down first.
      • Will it harm someone, yourself included? If you have any sense, you’ll think about this carefully from a moral/ethical point of view.
      • Does it mess with someone’s free will? Free will is every person’s right – please do not go out trying to sway someone’s view.
      • How quickly are you looking for a result? Remember, a fast result may not be the best result.
      • What is the exact outcome of the spell to be? Again, being specific is key. I heard a story once about a man asking for a new car in his driveway, then slipped on his kid’s toy car in the driveway and broke his leg. Be specific.
    2. Once you’re confident that your spell can be justified, you will need to work out the components for your spell. Having the perfect correspondences aren’t always necessary, particularly in the case of spells that need to be cast quickly and “at the last minute”, but the correct timing, colours, herbs, crystals and oils can maximise the potential success of your spell. For example, if your spell is for prosperity, a green candle might be in order for you. Also think about what is available to you – if you don’t have access to a rare plant from South Africa, don’t include it in your spell! So consider the following:
    3. Is the moon phase, astrological phase or a specific day important to your spell? Going with the prosperity spell example, a Sunday or a Thursday during a waxing moon would be a better time for this sort of spell because this is traditionally a time of bringing things into your life. If your spell was to help move on from a lost love, a waning moon would be better.
    4. Indoors or outdoors? Does it even matter?

When the above correspondences have been determined, start writing out your method. Since there’s hundreds of different methods that could be used, I suggest doing a little research as to what might suit you best, whether it be candle magick, poppet magick, herbal magick, talismans & amulets, knot magick, or even your own style – it’s completely open.
Essentially, you want to work out:

      1. What you want to use.
      2. What you will do with what you make or use, as part of your spellcrafting (i.e. will you burn a piece of paper with your intention on it? Will you use the herbs in a tincture or as an incense? Will you bury the crystals?)
      3. Will you cast a circle first, calling upon the elements? Do you even feel you need to?
      4. What you want to say during your spell – you want to state your intent very clearly.
      5. And be sure to say something to the effect of “And it harm none, so mote it be” at the end – it doesn’t have to be this exact phrase, but something similar.

Be sure to write out your spell exactly how you intend on casting it, so that no steps are missed.

  1. Word it. Write down an incantation, a chant, anything to bring about your desired result. You might not necessarily wish to write out a chant; then just sit and ask the deities for their assistance in your desired outcome. And I can not stress enough to be specific!

I think this covers everything – the next step is to DO IT! And if you don’t see results within the next month or so (depending on how quickly you decided you’d like to see results), consider revisiting your spell and maybe adding something in to make it that little bit more potent. Remember that small changes may need to be made for practical purposes – you might find that something you’ve written down, like lighting a candle and saying something at the same time, doesn’t work for you – try lighting the candle first and then saying what you need to. This is all part of the trial-and-error method.

Here’s a sheet for you to write down all the required information – I highly suggest keeping record of spells you’ve written, particularly in the instance that you need to revisit it.

Spell Crafting worksheet

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