Book of Shadows

Tree Meditation – Grounding

Use this meditation to ground yourself in preparation for and following ritual.

Make yourself comfortable, and breathe deeply. As you inhale with each breath, glowing white light begins to shine from your navel.  With each inhale, the light becomes brighter, stronger, warmer, larger.  With each exhale, the light grows through your body.  Up your chest, down your arms, up your shoulders, neck and head.  It grows down your body, down your spine, through your legs and into your feet.

Take another deep breath.  Now the light travels down into the earth. Your roots begin to grow.  You can feel the warmth of the earth.  Allow your roots to spread wider, and to go deeper. You can feel the layers of the earth, travelling down through caverns and water tables, through cool soil and slabs of stone. Further still, you travel through warm layers of magma, and further still, to the centre of the earth, to the heart of the earth.

Take another deep breath, and feel the energy of the heart of the Earth Mother.  This is the energy to invigorate. This is the energy to change. This is the passion, and love, of the Earth Mother.  Now draw up this energy, through your roots, back through the layers of earth and stone, and into your body through your feet.  This energy now travels through your body, up your legs, through your spine, through your pelvis and navel and chest.  The energy moves through your shoulders and down your arms, up your neck and through your head.

Feel it rise over your face. Feel it rise higher, past your head, and further still, growing branches high into the sky.  These branches extend toward the sun, and begin to grow leaves, and buds, and flowers.  Feel the warmth of the sun on your growing branches, and grow further upward, a full canopy of branches and leaves. Feel your connection to the Mother Earth. Feel the energy of the warm sun on your branches.

Feel the connection, and the balance, between the earth and the sky.

Hold this moment for as long as you need to. When ready, allow the energy to come slowly back, back down into your head, through your neck and shoulders, through your arms, down your chest, back into your navel.  Allow the energy to slowly come back through your roots, through the layers of earth, back into your feet, back through your legs, through your pelvis, and back to your navel.

Feel how the energy now sits in your navel.  Feel the light dull down, but remain bright.

When you are ready, open your eyes.  You are now grounded.

Correspondences: Numbers

If you’ve ever looked into numerology at all, you’ll understand the concept that each number has certain qualities, attributes and even power.  I have below listed the corresponding qualities for each number, 1 to 9.

ONE is the number of essence.  It is the symbol of identity, of equality, of existence, of conservation, and of general harmony.  Being without parts, a single unit announces order, peace and tranquility, which are founded on a unity of sentiments; consequently, one is a good principle.  One represents new beginnings, new happenings, new potentials, self-completeness, creativity, the individual and the positive.

TWO is the origin of contrasts; it is the symbol of diversity, of inequality, of division and of separation.  Two is an evil principle, a number of bad omens, characterising disorder, confusion and change.  Two represents balances, a balance of energy, gentleness, nature, imagination, romance, couples and love.

THREE is the first unequal; it is the number containing the most sublime mysteries, for everything is composed of three substances.  It represents divinity, the soul of the world, the spirit of man.  It is meditation, atonement, completeness – beginning, middle and end.  Three represents creativity, activity, results, ambition, control and authority over others and moving forwards.

FOUR, the first mathematical power, is also one of the chief elements.  It represents the generating virtue, from which come all combinations; it is the perfect of numbers; it is the root of all things.  This number gives the human soul its eternal nature.  Four represents foundation, building, structure, stability, rest and health.

FIVE has a peculiar force in sacred explanations: it is everything; it stops the power of poisons, and renders evil spirits powerless.  Five represents action, energy, conflict, opposition, versatility, communication and impulsiveness.

SIX is a fortunate number, the number of luck and chance.  It derives its merit from the first sculptors having divided the face into six portions.  Six represents kindness, luxury, love, friendship, money, art, affection and health.

SEVEN is a number very powerful for good or for evil.  It is the number of the entire cosmos.  Seven especially belongs to sacred things.  Seven represents spirituality, mysticism, imagination, psychic power, secrets, travel, change, intuition and clairvoyance.

EIGHT is the first cube, that is to say, squared in all senses, as a die, proceeding from its base two, an even number.  Eight represents strength, perfection, karma, stability, intensity, loneliness, hidden feelings, secrets, institutions, hospitals, health and long-term illnesses.

NINE is the square of three, and is regarded as the extent to which numbers would go with all others being embraced and revolving within it.  Ten but recommences a fresh series capable of infinite expansion.  Nine is regarded as sacred and represents fruition, accomplishment, courage, completion, high spirituality and is a good number to incorporate in all spells.