Book of Shadows

Correspondences: An Introduction

Magickal correspondences are items, objects, days, colours, moon phases, oils, angels, and herbs (amongst others) used in a ritual or magickal working that match the intent or purpose of the celebration or ceremony.

So, if one was to conduct a prosperity spell, some examples for great items to use would be green candles, clover or basil, amethyst or aventurine, and the best time would be a Thursday or a Sunday, or at the time of a waxing moon. Obviously it doesn’t really matter what you use, as your intent is the main requirement, but these items and times help us to focus the intent with more clarity and add a  little more ‘oomph’ to our spellwork.

The Pentagram – What Does It Mean To You?

The Pentagram, the symbol widely recognised as representing Paganism as a whole, specifically Wicca and Witchcraft, is a five-pointed star made of five straight lines, sometimes surrounded by a perfect circle (then called a ‘pentacle’). It is the symbol of faith, as the Cross or Crucifix is to Christianity, and the Star of David is to Judaism.

It is widely accepted, although not by all, that the five points of the star represent the five elements: fire and earth, the ‘legs’; air and water, the ‘arms’; and spirit, being the upper-most point. In the case of the pentacle, where the circle is also shown, this represents all the elements being brought together as well as the many cycles of life – birth, death and rebirth.

Unlike most commonly thought, the upright pentagram (as shown above) does not represent Satanism, who use an inverted pentagram (often with the head of Baphomet pictured with it), but the inverted pentagram has been, and is still, used as a sign of second-degree initiation into Traditional Wicca (i.e. Gardnerian, Alexandrian).

An exercise that I have put to a couple of different forums over the years was to determine your own Pentagram – if earth, air, fire, water and spirit are signified by the pentagram, what would your own, personal, five points be?  And, if you wish to make it a Pentacle, what does the circle surrounding it represent?  They might be important things to you, like family, independence, creativity; or they might be words that describe you, who you are, like outgoing, caring, open-minded.

Think carefully – it’s trickier than you think, to pick just five! And you don’t have to stick with an earth/air/fire/water/spirit format – just five things that represent you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.