Greetings all!

So a lot has been going on and I apologise for the delay in further posts.  Life has kind of got away from me, and has kind of been put on the backburner for a while.

You may or may not know that I have, since my last blog entry, had another baby!  We welcomed Emmett into the world on the 25th May (making him a month old today).  Lily is a very proud big sister, and we’re pretty smitten with the new little man in our lives.

I have also been working a casual job from home for the past 7 months or so, as well as running three other blogs and my webdesign business, so things have been hectic!

I truly want to keep going as a resource, but I have been lacking inspiration (not to mention time!) to update much and other things have unfortunately taken priority.  I’ve also been a bit of out of touch with the Pagan community for the past 18 months or so, simply due to “playing mum”, so I’m not even sure what the big issues or goings-on are at the moment.

This is where I need your help.

I am after suggestions for posts/articles, or even submissions of articles if you wish, to write about.  With a new baby came baby brain all over again, and I’m just not coming up with any new ideas easily (not relating to Paganism anyway).  If you have any ideas, please contact me – I’ll be eternally grateful!

Thanks for sticking by TGW!


Back in 2010, I posted this note about sharing spells and how I never will on this site or by email.

I’m standing by my opinion at that point – I will not share spells unless I see fit, and definitely will not create spells for people who request them.  Spells are potent, personal things and each person has their own situation for each spell and how that works for them, as well as their own inherent needs and thoughts relating to what is being affected.

In response to some of the comments made on that post when I first published it, I wish to say that I don’t feel I am limiting learning of the Craft by not sharing or creating spells for people.  Indeed, I’m building a whole website to assist people in learning the Craft, sharing what I know and what I feel about certain Pagan topics.  If that is limiting resources to others, then I don’t know what more I can do.

Nowhere in my original post did I mention anything about not helping people to build their own spells – I’d rather empower people to do it themselves than just give them the spell to use.  Teach a man to fish, ya know?  And in fact, I have provided a resource to help people write their own spells.

Finally, the fact of liability comes into play – what if the spell I give someone doesn’t work for them?  Where do I sit then?  People need to understand that they use magick at their own risk, but many won’t, particularly if they are inexperienced or not learned in the Craft at all.  So many people just want a ‘quick fix’ these days, and I’m not going to be one to give that when I can’t guarantee the results, nor do I wish to be giving spells out willynilly to people I don’t even know, for purposes I don’t know, and simply hand over knowledge that I have accumulated over the past 12+ years.  No, thankyou.  I haven’t spent all this time, over half of my current life, just to hand over spells that may have taken me days, weeks, months, even years to perfect for myself and my own purposes.

I hope that provides a little more clarity to the whole “I don’t share spells” scenario – if you still have questions about this, please feel free to contact me.


Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new look website for  This new site is hopefully going to inspire a whole new set of articles, information and updates for the Pagan community.  It has always been my intention that this site become a resource for Pagans & Witches, and I’m going to work really hard (as hard as I can with a near-3 month old baby!) to try to make this a reality.

The new design is to help focus on the content and not just the ‘pretties’, although I will be adding pictures and more colour to make it a little more interesting to look at as well.

Thank you all for your ongoing support, and please Watch This Space for more exciting things to come!

the Geekwitch


This is a VIP. A Very Important Post. Please read this before trying to contact me at all.

In light of recent emails (about 5 of them in the last week, from presumably different people), I have resorted to making this post, as it’s obvious that my message isn’t getting through to these people.

I do not give out or share spells. This goes for my own spells, as well as sharing from any books I may have. I do not believe in sharing spells. Spells are very personal things – I feel it’s very important that spells are written by and for the use of one person, because something that works for one person may not work for another (and definitely won’t work for another in the exact same way). My opinion on this topic will not change for anyone. There is no bias here – I will not share at all.

I hate to sound rude and obnoxious, because that’s definitely not how I’m trying to sound, but in response to all the requests I’ve had lately, it’s had to come down to making a strong public announcement regarding my stance on this subject.

Write your own spells. They will be much stronger than anything you ever get from another person, and because you’ve written it yourself, your personal intent for the outcome is embedded in the words on the page.

Finally, I strongly advise against spells that have some sort of ‘revenge’ concept, or that try to bend someone’s freewill. Try looking at the situation from a different angle, and try to see what you might be able to do that can help the situation, rather than hurt someone. Instead of trying to make someone fall in love with you, do a spell to attract love. Instead of trying to ‘get back’ at someone, try a spell to help make you stronger and deal with the situation at hand. There’s always another point of view.
In relation to this, as well – I also believe in spells being a last resort. Make sure that you’ve done everything in your mundane power before turning to a more spiritual, metaphysical source.

I hope this helps. I’ll be editing this post in the near future linking to pages I’ll make on the site to help you write your own spells.