I had a suggestion from Amy on my Facebook page asking about iPhone apps for pagans.

Can’t get much geekier than that!

So here’s what I have under the ‘Witchcraft folder’ on my iPhone:

1. Ultimate Spellcraft & Lunar Phases by Stacey Demarco (http://www.themodernwitch.com) provides free spells, a Wheel of the Year and brief explanations of each sabbat, moon phases for both the northern and southern hemispheres, and even an option to Cast an E-Spell!  A fun little app from one of my favourite witches.

2. The White Witch – covers witchy related news, YouTube videos, photos, audio, Twitter feeds, Facebook and LiveAlbum feeds.  A one-stop resource, really!

3. Live Moon Pro – a Moon phase app, provides an alarm to remind you of the next moon phase, and a full calendar for future phases.  Better yet, it auto-detects your location to accurately match the correct moon phase.

4. Virtual Candle – when I need to light a candle without a candle or a match, I turn on my phone, direct my intent and light the virtual candle.  Great for meditation too (would suit those college dorms where candles aren’t allowed!).

5. Dreamcatcher – learn what all those weird and wonderful dreams are about.

6. Crystals – gives you a run down of a select few crystals – more can be included with an upgrade.

Do you have any apps that you’ve found useful on your path?

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