NOTE: denotes a recommendation from another reader, and doesn’t necessarily mean that I personally have read the book or viewed the website.



Goddess Spirituality


  • The Runes by Horik Svensson. A great little book with a full set of clay runes, and even a hessian pouch to keep the runes in. Get it if you can!


General Paganism

  • PaganSpace – A MySpace-esque community for all Pagans.
  • The Pagan Activist – A monthly online magazine featuring articles of interest to Pagans from around the globe.
  • The Wild Hunt – A blog regularly updated with news articles of interest to Pagans.
  •’s Pagan/Wicca Section – Pretty informative, with heaps of new information being added all the time.


  • The Witches’ Voice – the first Wicca/Pagan/Witchcraft site I ever found and I still visit quite often. Lots of information for the Pagan community.