Just wowzers.

Has it really been over twelve months since I even posted anything here?  I really cannot believe it.

I have abandoned this site for all it was worth (which, in all fairness, hasn’t been a lot).  I had babies, I had a job (and now another job on top of that), and not enough time for anything.

As far as I was aware.

Right now, and I don’t know if it’s just the CRAZY full moon energy right now (is anyone else feeling that? I feel so ALIVE that I’m buzzing!), I am ready.

I am ready to throw myself back into making this site great again.

This will take time.  It will take a lot of work.

I have a lot of revising of old content to do (yikes, do I ever have a lot of revising to do – I am literally wincing at some of my old content, eeps), and more importantly I have a lot of new content to write up and reveal.

All I need to know now is, will you follow me on this journey?

T x

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